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Xapo is a digital wallet that allows users to easily send, receive, store and spend any traditional currencies as well as bitcoin.
It’s considered the most secure alternative-banking platform in the world, complete with a global network of ultra-secure bitcoin Vaults.

I’ve worked on the Design and Product teams from the beginning of 2018 when it was a bitcoin cold storage wallet, to where it is now in 2020, an alternative banking solution that goes way beyond bitcoin.
Shortly after I started my position, we went trough a complete rebrand and product revamp, that included updating the look and feel of the app, organizing the design files and creating a design system that scales.


As the company is distributed all over the world and everybody worked remotely, it was important to have systems in place that ensured everybody is on the same page, things can be worked on asynchronous and that everything is well structured.

Besides various organization, definition and backlog tasks, I was mainly responsible of the following aspects of the product:

    - Micro interactions and animations

    - Dark mode versions of the app

    - Referral and rewards programs

    - People Nearby and chat


I took care of the micro interactions and technical animations used throughout the mobile and web apps. This included creating guidelines and communication materials that explained their rules and best practices.

Dark Mode

After Apple and Android decided to make Dark Mode a thing, I’ve translated our color palette and components to work well in the dark, while still considering possible accessibility and usability issues.


Bitcoin is deeply rooted at the core of Xapo, so the rewards program was created to give even users that are not familiar with crypto currencies the option to earn a few Satoshis. This is done by completing simple, regular tasks inside the app for points that accumulate and eventually turn into BTC.

As the way people use and spend money is different around the world, we had to create a system that can be customized and adjusted for the different needs in each country. Therefore, points, rewards and level tier amounts are adjustable trough the backend, which allows to easily add new ways to earn, A/B testing and to quickly adapt in case someone tries to abuse the structure.

People Nearby and chat

People Nearby helps users in financially unstable conditions (ie. where inflation is of daily concern) to find other users and exchange fiat to money stored on Xapo and vice versa. 

Users can create orders that are compared to offers nearby, the matches then allow to start a dialog via a chat. As with everywhere else where money is involved confidentiality was a concern, so we had to strike a balance between usability and privacy. We made sure one user doesn’t see the too much of the other unless clear consent is given.


I was lucky enough to work alongside some incredibly talented and interesting people at Xapo and create a great product with millions of installs. Beyond working on a mission to give everybody easy access to digital financial services, it was my team and colleagues that helped me grow and ultimately made this journey truly amazing.

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